Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

FALC Mission Crew 2

  1. Fully Automated – as in, let machines do most of the work
  2. Luxury  – basic necessities should be free for all and as many luxuries as well
  3. Gay – whether you want it to mean ”happy” or something else is up to you
  4. Space – humanity really should step up its game
  5. Communism – an economic system where resources are not shared according to ability to pay, but by need.

Let’s move our society to the next level – Star Trek level!

F.A.L.G.S.C. is an tongue-in-cheek Internet meme but also a call to rethink where we humans are heading. Our technology approaches that of Star Trek, and the productive capabilities of our world’s industry are nothing short of magical. Nevertheless, people still go to bed hungry all around the world, and even in the so-called rich countries, inequalities between the haves and have-nots are deep and increasing.

It doesn’t need to be so. We could live in a more equal society, where vast differences in wealth are seen like feudalism and inherited offices are seen these days: as barbarous past.

We could easily guarantee every human on this planet the basic freedom from want, and even a lot of life’s small luxuries. (My favorite example: by simply distributing smartphone production for free to every person on Earth, every one of us would receive a new smartphone only four months later than we, on average, replace our phones.) Such a policy would be very likely to unleash a tsunami of innovation, development and societal advancement as millions if not billions of humans would be free to concentrate their energies on improving the life of themselves and others, instead of worrying how to make ends meet.

The main obstacle is the current economic system that greatly favours the wealthy while keeping the vast majority of the populace under constant fear of unemployment or worse. But future is not determined and a different, more equal economic system is certainly possible. It may be that we don’t live to see it, but one thing that is certain in this world is that the first step in any change is to start doing something.

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More material about FALC will be added here in the future. If you want to know more, here are some resources where you can start.

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